Planning Team

The planning team consists of City project managers and a HMP Planning Committee.  The HMP Planning Committee consists of local emergency managers, health officials, fire department staff, planning staff, as well as other stakeholders in the community.  In addition to interested residents, the following agencies and departments are involved or supporting HMP Update process:

  • City Managers Office
  • City Planning Division 
  • City Engineering Division 
  • City Public Works Division
  • San Bernardino County Fire 
  • San Bernardino County Sheriff

Planning Committee

In addition to stakeholder input, a HMP Planning Committee comprised of staff from City Manager's Office, Planning and Engineering Divisions  are used to guide the process and ensure the mitigation plan meets the goals of the City, State and Federal Hazard Mitigation Plan requirements.  The Planning Committee:

  • Attends/actively participates in a series of structured coordination meetings
  • Assists in the collection of valuable local information and other requested data
  • Makes decisions on plan process and content
  • Identifies mitigation actions for the HMP
  • Reviews/provides comments on plan drafts
  • Coordinates/participates in public input process