Fireplace & Heating Device Safety

Winter Safety Tips
The months of December through March are among the coldest in San Bernardino
County. As heating costs rise, we tend to rely on alternate sources of heating, such as the fireplace.

Accidents involving fireplaces and heating equipment are a major cause of home fires. Since 1974, in the State of California there have been over 8,500 fires directly related to the misuse or malfunction of a fireplace, with a damage loss estimated well over $12 million. These fires have also resulted in the injuries to more than 50 firefighters and civilians alike. Most of these fires can be prevented.

Before Lighting Any Fire
  • Check to see that the flue is open.
  • Keep a screen in front of the fireplace at all times, especially when fire is burning.
  • Before closing the flue, be sure that the fire is completely out.
  • Never dispose of Christmas trees in the fireplace. The best alternative is to recycle your tree through your local city or county program.
    • Contact our local program, Advance Disposal, at (760) 244-9773.

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