Weed Abatement

Fire Hazard Abatement Program
The primary function of Fire Hazard Abatement in San Bernardino County is to conduct surveys to identify weeds and other fire hazards throughout the year, in response to the various seasonal conditions.

The main focus is structure protection and providing defensible space. Each parcel is individually inspected prior to a notice being mailed, and re-inspected after the notice’s due date. Properties not in compliance are subject to administrative abatement by contractors.

Spring & Fall Inspections
Inspections are conducted during the spring and fall seasons in the City of Hesperia based on varying types of vegetative growth. The spring inspections are primarily for weeds and grasses that typically grow late winter to mid-spring and then dry out. In the fall the focus is mainly tumbleweeds and summer vegetation.

Fire hazards that will be noticed during both seasons include:
  • Trash
  • Debris
  • Dead vegetation
  • Dead brush
  • Dead trees
  • Piles of tree trimmings
  • Brush on the ground

You can reach the Fire Hazard Abatement program at (909) 387-4123 or (800) 722-3181 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, or visit the County of San Bernardino website.