Euthanize My Pet

Euthanasia: Always a Tough Choice
Having to euthanize a family pet is never an easy decision. Most animals are normally euthanized due to sickness, injury or old age. Due to California State Law, Hesperia Animal Control can not euthanize an animal without written or oral permission from a licensed Veterinarian.

Hesperia Animal Control recommends that owners requesting euthanasia of their sick, injured, old and feeble pets bring in a written statement from their Veterinarian. The fee for euthanasia and disposal is $30 for dogs and $15 for cats. Hesperia Animal Control does not allow owners to be present during the euthanasia process, although many veterinary hospitals do.

Owners may request to retrieve their deceased animals for special burials or cremation. Hesperia Animal Control works together with Gateway Pet Cemetery for burials or cremation. You can reach Gateway at (909) 885-1600.