Forms & Handouts

Forms and Handouts

Building Permit Worksheet
 Septic System Sizing Worksheet
Garage Sale Permit
Non-Profit Car Wash Application
Unreasonable Hardship Exception to Disabled Access Requirements
Fee Information
Adopted Fee Resolution and Date of Fee Schedule (Effective November 19, 2019)
Development Impact Fee Table (Effective December 17, 2017)
Residential Calculator

Approved Accessory Structure Regulations Plan Requirements for Single Family Residences
Application for Certificate of Occupancy Plan Requirements for Single Family Residential Additions and Alterations
Drowning Prevention Required Submittals for New Commercial Development
Earthquake Bracing of Water Heaters for Residential Use Swimming Pool, Spa, and Hot Tub Fencing Requirements
Foreclosed Property Information Form Prescriptive Alterations Required for Cool Roofs
Guest House Guidelines Developer Workshop Handbook
Hiring a Contractor Grading Plan Requirements for Single Family Infill
IVR Quick Reference Sheet Plan Preparation and Content
Patio Covers Required Submittals for Tenant Improvements
Required Submittals for New Commercial Development 
Sample Plans
Residential Addition/Alteration Plot Plan Garden Wall (non-retaining) Cantilever Type Footing (for use on property lines)
- T-Type Footing
Residential Patio Cover Plan Estate Fence Column Details
Retaining Wall
- Cantilever with Footing Under Fill
- Cantilevered Footing

Trash Enclosure Details

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