Notice of Pendency Information

What is a Notice of Pendency
A Notice of Pendency is a document recorded with San Bernardino County. Is a form of lien placed on a property for outstanding unpaid fines or violations on a property. A Notice of Pendency will be removed when the property is brought into compliance and all fines, fees and/or abatement charges have been paid.

Get a Notice of Pendency Released
Realtors, title or escrow companies need to fax a demand request and a copy of the Notice of Pendency to the originating division:
  • Animal Control at (760) 949-1722.
  • Code Enforcement at (760) 947-3042

Turn around time is one week.

If you are a property owner, please call the Code Enforcement Office at (760) 947-1225 or Animal Control at (760) 947-1717.