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Garage Sale Permit Application

  2. Is the applicant the property owner?*

    If no, please provide proof of residency.

  3. Terms and Conditions

    Garage sales, or yard sales, shall be conducted between the hours of 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM only. Sales shall not be held for more than 3 consecutive days. A minimum of 11 days shall elapse between sales. No more than four sales shall be held in a calendar year, except on lots owned by a primary sponsor (e.g. a church). Lots owned by a primary sponsor and lots with more than one dwelling unit shall be allowed to conduct sales as per the following table: 

  4. Number of Units or Sponsors





  5. Number of Garage Sales Per Year





  6. Sale items shall not be displayed or store in adjoining right-of-ways, public streets, or alleys. All articles shall be removed from the front and/or side yards before the close of the last lawfully conducted sale day.

    SIGNS SHALL NOT BE PLACED ON UTILITY POLES, STREET SIGNS, OR IN THE PUBLIC RIGHT-OF-WAY. Signs advertising a sale may be displayed on the premises at which the sale is conducted. Two off site directional signs may be permitted at the discretion of the Planning Department. Location of such signs shall be noted on the permit. Off site directional signs shall require written permission from the property owners on whose property such signs are to be erected or affixed. Signs may be displayed only during the hours the sale is being conducted. All signs shall be removed at the close of the sale activities, or at nightfall, whichever occurs first. Such sign shall bear the sale permit number. No sign of any kind shall exceed four square feet in area. 

  7. I have read and agree to comply with the above terms and conditions.*

  9. Applicants will be notified by the City if the application is approved or denied.

    Please ensure that the email address and phone number provided are valid in order to be contacted by City staff. If the application is approved then a garage sale permit will be issued for the specified location and date. 

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