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Rental Housing Business Inspection and Licensing Program - New Application

  1. Rental Housing Business License and Inspection Application

    The following information is required for registration and compliance with the City of Hesperia’s Rental Housing ordinance. Please use one form per multi-family or single-family rental property.

  3. Is your rental property licensed as an assisted living facility, group home, group living quarters, or group care facility or assisted senior living facility or a group living facility or extended care facility that cares for six or less persons? *

    If you answer "Yes" then your property is exempt from registration. Please exit out of the application and email to confirm your exemption. 

  4. Does your rental property have more than one unit? *
  5. Type of Ownership*
  6. Do you have a corporate office?*
  7. Corporation Street Address

  8. Rental Property Information
  9. Please complete a separate application for each rental property. Please enter N/A if not applicable.
  10. You have multiple rental units at this property.

  11. You have one (1) rental unit at this property.

  12. Does your property have a Gate Code? *
  13. Is there an on site, armed security officer?*
  14. Is the on site contact the tenant? *
  15. Property Management Information
  16. Are you an owner or the manager of this property? *
  17. Do you have a manager for your property?*
  18. Property Owner Information
  19. This information will be used on notices to the owner and tenant.

  20. Please sign with your name

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