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Candidate Statement Form

  1. Candidate Statement Form

    Congratulations on deciding to run for your local elected office! All candidates must complete all six (6) forms to receive a response from the City Clerk's office. The six required forms are: Declaration of Candidacy, Ballot Designation Form, Candidate Statement Form, Code of Fair Campaign Practices, Mass Mailing Demo, and Statement of Responsibility Form. Candidates that do not complete all forms will not receive a response from our office.

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    - I have read the Candidate Statement section(s) of the Elections Office Candidate Filing Guide for this election, and affirm that my candidate statement as submitted on this form complies with California Elections Code and Elections Office policy. - I have been informed that the estimated cost and deposit for my candidate statement is $681 for District 1, $633 for District 4 (ST), $741 for District 5. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - I agree that if the actual cost of the candidate statement exceeds the amount paid in advance, I will pay the additional sum to the County of San Bernardino within 30 days of the billing notification for such amount. ------------------------- - I agree that if the amount billed is not paid within 30 days following such notification, and the Elections Official thereafter commences legal action against me for the recovery of said amount, I will pay all costs of such action, including costs and reasonable attorney's fees in an amount to be fixed by the court. -------------------------------------------- - I have been informed that if the amount paid in advance is more than the actual cost of the candidate statement, the Elections Official will refund the excess amount within 30 days of the election. ------------------------------------------ - I agree that any notice, refund or billing pertaining to my candidate statement shall be mailed to me at the address set forth above and shall be deemed completed upon deposit in the United States mail. ------------------------------------ - I have been informed that State Senate and State Assembly candidates are required to accept the voluntary campaign expenditure limits on FPPC form 501 in order to have a candidate statement printed in the San Bernardino County Voter Information Guide. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - I have been informed that I may withdraw my candidate statement no later than 5:00 p.m. of the next working day after the close of the candidate filing (nomination) period.

  4. I understand that my candidate statement will be translated and printed in Spanish. When translating my candidate statement in Spanish, I request that the Elections Office (check only one option below): *

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    Candidate Statements for Local Office Candidates are limited to 200 words and must fit inside a half page square in the Voter Information Guide measuring 4.75" wide by 3.25" tall. Statements shall be typed in upper and lower case letters when appropriate and must not contain all capital letters. Statements shall be free from non-standard or atypical spacing (single spacing is typical), and not contain any italicized or bolded letters. Statements will be printed in 8 point Arial font. Translations of occupations may be reformatted due to space limitations. To receive assistance with completing and returning this form, please email the Registrar of Voters at and attach the electronic copy (.docx or .doc) of your candidate statement. Elections Office staff will contact you to schedule an appointment with a Candidate Filing Clerk.

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