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Statement of Responsibility Form

  1. Statement of Responsibility

    Congratulations on deciding to run for your local elected office! All candidates must complete all six (6) forms to receive a response from the City Clerk's office. The six required forms are: Declaration of Candidacy, Ballot Designation Form, Candidate Statement Form, Code of Fair Campaign Practices, Mass Mailing Demo, and Statement of Responsibility Form. Candidates that do not complete all forms will not receive a response from our office.

  2. Dear Candidate or Committee Member:

    As a candidate or campaign worker for either office or a ballot measure, this reminder about State law governing campaign signs should be helpful to you. Section 5405.3 of the State Outdoor Advertising Act exempts the placing of Temporary Political Signs from normal outdoor advertising display requirements. A Temporary Political Sign meets the following criteria:

  3. A. Encourages a particular vote in a scheduled election.

  4. B. Is placed no sooner than 90 days prior to the scheduled election and is removed within 10 days after that election.

  5. C. Is no larger than 32 square feet.

  6. D. Has had a Statement of Responsibility filed with the Department certifying a person who will be responsible for removing the sign (Attached).

  7. A completed Statement of Responsibility must be submitted to:

    Division of Traffic Operations Outdoor Advertising Program P.O. Box 942874, MS-36 Sacramento, CA 94274-0001

  8. Temporary Political Signs shall not be placed within the right-of-way of any highway, and be visible within 660 feet from the edge of the right-of-way of a classified "Landscaped freeway". State law directs the Department of Transportation to remove unauthorized Temporary Political Signs and bill the responsible party for their removal. We are calling these provisions to your attention to avoid possible embarrassment or inconvenience to you and your supporters. Please share this information with those assisting in your campaign.

    Should you have any questions, comments or need additional information, please call (916) 654-6473.

  9. Day, Month, Year

  10. Full Name

  11. Street

  12. The undersigned hereby accepts responsibility for the removal of Temporary Political Signs placed pursuant to Section 5405.3 of the Outdoor Advertising Act for the above candidate or proposition. It is understood and agreed that any Temporary Political Signs placed sooner than ninety (90) days prior to the election and/or not removed within ten (10) days after the election, may be removed by the Department and the responsible party will be billed for any associated removal costs.

    Mail Statement of Responsibility to: Department of Transportation Division of Traffic Operations Outdoor Advertising Program P.O. Box 942874, MS-36 Sacramento, CA 94274-0001 Email: ODA@dot

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