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Request for Start of Service for Businesses

  1. Request to Start Water Service for Businesses

    This application is for business water service only. If you are a resident, please fill out the [Request to Start Water Service for Residents].

    Customers may be required to pay a minimum $100 deposit. After completing this form, customers will receive a confirmation email with an account number and customer number within 1 business day. If we require a deposit or need more information, one of our customer service representatives will contact you within 1 business day.

    Requests must be received by 5:00PM Monday-Thursday and 3:30PM on Friday to be scheduled for the following business day without additional charges. Requests are not valid unless you receive a confirmation. 

  2. Same day turn on will require an additional $38 fee. After hour turn-on will require an additional $125 fee.

    Click here for a full list of water rates & fees.

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