Competitive Edge Motocross Park

Unfortunately, The owner of the Competitive Edge Motocross Park property has been notified by the current lessees that operations at Competitive Edge Motocross Park will cease effective December 23, 2018.

We appreciate the lessees efforts to maintain and keep the park open over the past several years. The owner is currently reviewing the many available options for the park.  In the interim, please do not attempt to ride in the park illegally as it could hinder any future opportunities. Any interested operators or buyers please contact Ron Barbieri or Steve Thompson at Coldwell Banker Commercial at 760 684-8065. 

A Friendly Warning to Off-Road Riders

Riding off-road vehicles is restricted within the City of Hesperia's city limits. City Ordinance Number 2004-21 prohibits the riding of off-road vehicles on public streets and right-of-ways and prohibits riding on private property without the written permission of the land owner. 

Riders are also not allowed to operate a vehicle within 200 yards of an occupied building. Certain exemptions do apply such as those relating to farm vehicles, and violators may have their vehicles seized and forfeited. 

For full information, please visit the link below. 

Off-Roading Information