Hesperia Headlines

Hesperia Headlines

Posted on: August 7, 2023

Hesperia Animal Shelter Misinformation

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Misinformation surrounding the Hesperia Animal Shelter is circulating, diverting focus from our core duty of nurturing and supporting animals in need. Recent posts that have been shared are spreading misleading content that lacks truth and stems from outdated sources. We urge our community to reject the spread of falsehoods and seek accurate information instead.

In May, we adjusted our operations to accept stray animals by appointment only due to high overcrowding and to avoid euthanasia for space. This is due to the pandemic's impact and a local shelter's closure. Our managed intake process allows us to prioritize the well-being of animals and mitigate the spread of disease.

Our Shelter is still nearly full. Empty kennels mean animals are getting care or recovering, not extra space. Crowding is a nationwide issue, and Hesperia is no exception. Now more than ever, please secure your pets and spay/neuter them.

Additionally, we've created a safe area for distressed animals that need more preparation for public interaction. This area is intended to help pets adjust during intake and ensures safety for both the pet and visitors.

Our staff works tirelessly to provide excellent care, but addressing misleading information takes away valuable time from their critical efforts and the animals.  

We appreciate the support of our community, which helps us stay focused on our mission.

For questions about the Hesperia Animal Shelter, call (760) 947-1700.

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