Prepare for Flooding Before It Occurs

The most effective way to protect your property against flooding is to prepare before it rains. Preparations can consist of very simple home maintenance but, depending on your circumstances, may involve the construction of permanent drainage systems, walls or other measures to divert water, mud or debris.

Sandbags are currently available free of charge in the front lobby of City Hall for residents, Public Works Yard front office as well as Fire Stations 302, 304 and 305.

If sandbags are needed to protect your house from flooding, City of Hesperia residents may pick them up during business hours at the following locations:
  • City Hall at 9700 Seventh Ave.
  • Public Works Division at 17282 Mojave St.
  • Fire Station 302 at 17288 Olive St.
  • Fire Station 304 at 15660 Eucalyptus St.
  • Fire Station 305 at 8331 Caliente Ave.
Ten sandbags will be allotted to each Hesperia household. For more information, contact the Public Works Division at (760) 947-1400. 

Learn more about flood preparation in Ready! Set! Go!, a preparedness brochure published by San Bernardino County Fire, found here.

Although rare in the High Desert, flood waters can be swift, powerful, and at times deadly.  The City of Hesperia, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are great resources for information on storms in this region. It is important for residents to stay informed. During severe storms and other disasters and emergencies, the City of Hesperia will post important information and emergency updates on the City of Hesperia website as well as on City of Hesperia Facebook and Twitter pages. Encourage your friends and neighbors to follow the City of Hesperia on social media and to sign up for emergency alerts on the City website.

The Flood Safety and Awareness article for more information about the importance of being prepared.

Flooding Infographic